Oracle Hospitality Consultancy

Oracle Hospitality Consultancy (RES 3700 / e7 / 9700)

Does your company use Oracle Hospitality Micros RES 3700 / e7 or Micros 9700 and you need assistance with programming, want to train your staff, or want to get more out of you system.

Proffid Nederland provides :
– Programming
– Training
– Accountant and management training to detect and prevent fraud
– Auditing

Our knowlegde is shared knowledge with our sister companies in Curacao and Aruba, which are Oracle Hospitality Gold Partner for the ABC islands sinds 2004. We do not sell or resell Oracle Hospitality Hardware or Software outside the ABC islands, you should go through the Oracle Hospitality Partner in your country. 

We offer our expertise differently. Installing software , clicking next-next-finish. Program the menu items , touchscreen and employees is 1 step. You will have a running POS. We can do that, but we will not be an added value. 

We program differently, asking the questions first, reviewing your menu first, reviewing your employees skill and access levels, review the reporting requirements, so that you can review from the RES Dashboard, or the e7 Reports Plus, or from 9700 Webreports ( or NetvuPoint or, data that is relevant. That your sales report is categorized correctly, and that you know which employee or cashier is working with cash, or track the number of times the cashdrawer opened without a tranasaction. we call this information.


  • Programming Employees, Menu’s , Revenue Centers, Touchscreens everything in the RES, e7 and 9700 systems.
  • RES Product Management or Quickcounts / e7 Inventory

(* Certain functions require licenses which you need to have or obtain through your Oracle Hospitality Vendor)


  • We discuss your standards, and we adapt our trainingsessions to your requirements, training employees, managers and business owners on the level of skills they need to work efficiently, turning their attention to the customer
  • We train you to scan the reports in as little time as possible, review the exceptions and cross reference key indicators to find the strengths and weaknesses, the sales opportunities and also threats.


Auditing is our broad definitation that we review everything, from the technical state of your hardware and infrastructure, aswell as review your systems health by checking a.o. database size and integrity, employee rights, reports and correct interpretation of figures.